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Boat Repair Rivets


Included in kit:

poly brush


scour pads

alchohol pads


3/16" bit

1/4" bit

center punch

boat plug

safety glasses

24 enclosed alum. rivets

Step by Step Directions   

Deluxe kit includes Rivet Gun
Kit only

Replacement Rivets Qty 25 pack

Bull Frog Rivet                                                      
Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit

Aluminum boats are a great choice for many boat owners although they do tend to have one drawback. They eventually end up leaking at the seams and more specifically, around the loose rivets. This drawback is not only a nuisance but also a safety concern. Various repair methods are available on the market such as brazing rods, epoxy sealants, patches and even welding techniques. The general census throughout the marine industry seems to indicate that these repairs are temporary at best.

Bull Frog Rivet and its Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit will guarantee its end users a long term solution to leaking seams and rivets. The best part about this kit; anyone with the ability to handle a power drill and rivet gun can successfully complete the average job in a few hours. The kit includes “easy to follow” instructions and all the necessary items needed for most jobs, minus the power drill and rivet gun. (BFR-1)
A deluxe kit is available and includes the Bull Frog Rivet Popper, a heavy duty manual rivet gun.(BFRD-1)

 Why we use this type of rivet:

The Bullfrog Rivet is an aluminum shaft, enclosed rivet with a steel mandrel.

The steel mandrel is necessary to insure a high “pop” rate, intended to maximize the expansion of the rivet. Hence, the steel mandrel insures a tight seal within the cavity.
Once the sealant coated rivet is “popped”, the mandrel separates and a small steel ball within the rivet remains. Using the provided poly brush, wipe the bead of sealant that surrounds he rivet head and insert the sealant into the cavity seen on the rivet head.
This pliable dab of sealant seals in the steel ball and prevents corrosion from becoming an issue.

Test Results and Review
Wolff's Marine Products

"We took a 1993 17’ Sea Nymph with a leaking hull due to loose rivets. Armed with the Deluxe Kit and our power drill we began by reading the 12 step instructions and found them amazingly easy to follow. We identified and marked 9 leaking rivets using their locator method. We then drilled out the marked loose rivets using a 3/16” bit and resized the holes using a ¼” bit. As directed, we then prepped the area around the new hole with a scouring pad followed by the alcohol wipe. As instructed, we then lightly coated the Bull Frog Rivet with the fast cure adhesive sealant and inserted it into the nose piece of the gun and then the ¼” resized hole. While applying ample pressure, we “popped” the rivet in place. We repeated these steps, from the point where we prepped each individual hole up to popping the Bull Frog rivet, eight times. After only 3 hrs we had completed the job and were on the water the next day with a dry boat. The Bull Frog Rivet Repair Kit proved to be true to their advertised claims and our staff gave it high marks surpassing all expectations."
Outdoor Staff
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