Traxstech Elite Model Down Rigger!

The most technologically advanced downrigger on the market, with all of these standard features listed below:

  • Aluminum 3” swivel base with  12 position positive lock,  - optional deck mount downrigger bases available
  • All aluminum frame components
  • Lift & lock solid aluminum 3’ boom with optional lengths available
  • Dual roller pulley assembly on boom
  • All aluminum reel spool with 400’ of 316 stainless-steel cable
  • Liquid smooth drag system with aluminum tension knob and retainer clip on drive shaft to ensure drag system components remain intact.
  • Lighted LCD display screen with large characters for easy viewing
  • Electronic counter system for superior accuracy
  • Soft stop included in the electronic auto stop up and down feature
  • Exact depth control using the lighted military grade 16 character key pad
  • Customer programmable jig function
  • Depth memory features
  • Tested with : 12# weight retrieved 280 Feet per minute, 14# weight retrieved 260 Feet per minute, 20# weight retrieved 200 Feet per minute  
  • Standard dual RH1 rod holder assembly
  • Heavy duty cover that can be left on white traveling
  • Limited life-time limited warranty
  Cost is $1349.00  part# DRES-400

Previous series Vector Downrigger parts that are available:

 Part#  Description  Price   USD
 Buy Me
 1' Boom extension with coupler
 BOOM-2  2' Boom
 BOOM-3  3' Boom
 BOOM-4  4' Boom  $49.99
 Bellevue washer for clutch- pair
 VCP-1  Clutch Plate with center hole D shaped - stianless steel
 Pulley head
 Pulley head with rollers
 SRP-1  Small pulley  roller
 LRP-1  Large pulley roller
 MSPS-1  Motor Shaft Spacer Sleeve
 NDW-1  Nylon Drag Washer
 BH-1  Ball Hook w/aluminum ring for boom mounting
 CKN-1  Clutch Knob
DRP-44 Downrigger 4X4 Base Plate     $15.00
DRP-55 Downrigger 5x5 Base Plate     $15.00

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