Swivel and Non-Swivel Mounts

Swivel Base

The Traxstech swivel base offers an aluminum top plate that is
pre-drilled and tapped for the mounting of your equipment.
Our 3/8" diameter stainless steel plunger insures positive locking
strength in the 12 available positions to swivel every 30 degrees.
With the smoothest swivel action, three different heights, and
strongest construction available,  *all aluminum construction and
stainless steel components.  Fits Most popular brands.

3" tall swivel base       4.5" tall swivel base        6" tall swivel base
SB-3                            SB-4.5                            SB-6
$99.99                        $104.99                          $114.99

Non-Swivel Base

This is a removable non-swivel base for mounting your downrigger's; allowing you the flexibility and mobility that the Traxstech system offers.

With an aluminum top plate that is pre drilled and tapped, to mount most downrigger's and swivel bases of other manufacturers directly to. Giving you three height options and a 3/8" thick bottom plate that slides into any track length we offer, gives you the most secure and flexible way to use downrigger's on you boat.

Fits Most popular brands
6" tall Non-swivel     3" tall Non-swivel       Low Profile
                                        (OAH 3-1/2)                (OAH 2-1/2")
PM-6                             PM-3                                  PM-3L
$79.99                         $69.99

Pulley Retriever Kit

Pulleys can be used on downrigger's for retrieving the cannon ball from water surface to boat. Molded from Lexan, with all stainless steel hardware, these pulleys will offer you a lifetime of service.

Kit includes:

  • one pulley
  • one cleat
  • 15' coil of rope

Pulley Retriever Kit

      Weight Caddy

Weight caddy's are designed to assist in keeping weight secure while etting-up or re-setting baits. 
It is not safe to run or travel with weight in caddy.
CB-140 is molded weight on aluminum plate
CB-160 is all aluminum


CB-140                                 CB-160
Weight caddy                     Tall Weight Caddy
$20.99                               $29.99

Rod holder with teeth

The rod holder assemblies below use our super heavy duty dual axis rod holder that offers maximum positioning of your fishing rod:

*lifts & rotates every 18 degrees /20 positions for maximum all around positioning.
*One handed adjustabe by pulling the tube sideways and then moving it to next
set of teeth and releasing for full engagement and strength of all 20 teeth
 machined in the side of this aluminum rod holder.
*There are 6 positions from 0 degree to 90 degrees and one position past 90 degrees to get the rod tip to the water if desired.
*There is a center hub to prevent lifting effect when used with dipsey divers, on the bottom and side sections of each knuckle.
*This is an all aluminum machined rod holder you will not be disappointed with
its strength and flexibility!
Rod Holder for Scotty® Brand Downriggers

This rod holder fits on your existing dual rod holder mount on the Scotty® downrigger, included is an aluminum mounting ring designed to replace the current plastic ring on your dual rod holder mount.

Single Rod holder with base

Dual rod holder for Downriggers

This unit provides a great way to improve the fishing ability of your downrigger. This aluminum wing arm plate allows the use of two aluminum adjustable rod holders for the ultimate flexibility in you downrigger fishing.
Can be used with rod holders back toward you or reverse the set up and they can be forward of your rigger. Also fits Cannon, Walker and Penn brand downriggers.

Dual Rod Holder

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