Mounting Tracks


Aluminum Mounting Tracks

The foundation of this system is an anodized aluminum mounting track with a grooved bottom design.

With the mounting tracks installed on your boat, this gives you the ability to change your style or method of fishing by sliding in our different types of Traxstech rod holders or down rigger mounts in the mounting track and tightening the star shaped thumbscrews securely in place. When you are not fishing, slide your equipment out of the mounting track and slide in our starboard insert.

*stainless steel mounting hardware is included

All mounting tracks are 3 1/2" wide and are available in 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", 60" & 72" inches.
 Description # of sets of
screw holes

 Part #
 Buy Me
6" Mounting track
 2 MT-6  $28.99 USD
12" Mounting track  3 MT-12  $37.99 USD
18" Mounting track  3 MT-18  $45.99 USD
24" Mounting track
 4 MT-24  $52.99 USD
36" Mounting track
 5 MT-36  $72.99 USD
48" Mounting track
 5 MT-48  $92.99 USD
60" Mounting track
 6 MT-60  $132.99 USD
72" Mounting track
 6 MT-72  $164.99 USD

Removable Aluminum Trolling Bar

With this bar's super duty design and grooved bottom interior you wont have
a worry in the world about how secure your equipment is in our system.
A trolling bar allows the positioning of dowriggers, rod holders and other accessories to be strategically located across the bar.

This raised bar assembly includes two 6" mounting tracks, two 4-1/2" risers,
two 4 foot sections of trolling bar with connecting plate and two bar end caps.

 Description  Part #
Buy Me
 8' Trolling bar w/4-1/2"
 straight risers and 6" track
 DRB-8 $449.99 USD
 8' Trolling bar w/4-1/2"
 reverse risers and 6" track

 DRBR-8-6 $469.99 USD
 8' Trolling bar w/4-1/2"
 reverse risers and 24" track
 DRBR-8-24 $486.99 USD
 8' Trolling bar w/4-1/2" reverse risers and 36" track  DRBR-8-36 $529.99 USD
 8' Trolling bar w/4-1/2" reverse risers and 48" track  DRBR-8-48 $574.99 USD
 4-1/2" Straight Riser
$59.99 USD
 6"  Straight Riser  DRBS-6 $69.99 USD
 4-1/2" Reverse Riser  DRBRS-4 $69.99 USD
  6"   Reverse Riser  DRBRS-6 $79.99 USD

 Aluminum Backing Plates

Recommended if you are going to use downriggers or have thin walls on your
boat.  This added support is recommended for the 6", 12" and 18" track lengths.
Longer tracks spread the strength out and a backing plate is usually not

6" Backer Plate   12" Backer Plate  18" backer plate     3" Backer Plate
#BP-6                     BP-12                   BP-18                      BP-3
$7.99                      $10.99                 $13.99                      $3.99


Track Inserts

Inserts are made of black marine grade starboard; the finest material available that will not warp, crack, peel, or change its color.  The insert provides a clean surface when placed into the mounting track.  The insert acts as a step pad upon entering and exiting the boat and protects the inside of the track when fishing equipment is not in use.  The track inserts design ensures secure holding power, when snugging the screws to hold in place.                        
Part #     
Buy Me
  6" Track insert
$14.99 USD
12" Track insert RPIB-12 $19.99 USD
18" Track insert RPIB-18 $23.99 USD
24" Track insert RPIB-24 $30.99 USD
36" Track insert RPIB-36 $40.99 USD
48" Track insert RPIB-48 $46.99 USD
60" Track insert RPIB-60 $60.99 USD
72" Track insert RPIB-72 $71.99 USD

 Aluminum Mounting Track End Caps

All of our mounting tracks come with a pre-drilled and
 tapped hold at each end for use with the Traxstech end caps. 
For locking your equipment into any of our mounting tracks and
keeping your equipment secure from sliding out.

Made from solid aluminum!

* Includes stainless screws and wrench
* 2 pieces per package

Mounting Track Endcaps-Pair

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