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Aluminum Backer Plates

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Our aluminum backer plates are recommended if you are going to install a downrigger or have thin walls on your boat. The added support from a backer plate is recommended for our 6", 12", 18", and 24" mounting tracks. Our longer tracks usually do not require a backer plate because they spread the strength out over the length of the track.

If you wish to use a backer plate with a piece of mounting track 36 inches or longer, we recommend that you use a 3-inch plate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many backer plates/what size do I need?

A. If you are installing a 6", 12", 18", 24" or 36" track, you need to order just one backing plate in the corresponding size. If you are installing anything over 36" and wish to use a backing plate as well, you must order the 3" backing plate - (Part: #3-BP). The other size backing plates will not line up properly with the mounting holes on your tracks.

Mounting Track Backer Plates Needed
6” (MT-6 or BMT-6) One (1) 6" Plate (#6-BP)
12” (MT-12 or BMT-12) One (1) 12" Plate (#12-BP)
18” (MT-18 or BMT-18) One (1) 18" Plate (#18-BP)
24” (MT-24 or BMT-24) One (1) 24" Plate (#24-BP)
36” (MT-36 or BMT-36) One (1) 36" Plate (#36-BP) or Five (5) 3" plates (#3-BP) *recommended
48” (MT-48 or BMT-48) Five (5) 3" Plates (#3-BP)
60” (MT-60 or BMT-60) Seven (7) 3" Plates (#3-BP)
72” (MT-72 or BMT-72) Eight (8) 3" Plates (#3-BP)

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    as advertised, holes fit