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Vertical Tree Rod Holders

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The category of Vertical Tree Rod Holders includes a range of fishing accessories specifically designed for anglers aiming to secure their fishing rods to vertical tree surfaces. These holders are designed to securely hold fishing rods. Vertical tree rod holders feature durable and adjustable VBT-10 Rod holders that can be securely used in-line planar boards for lead core, copper, or just long lining. Traxstech's ultimate vertical tree rod holders are for you. Our exclusive post design allows each rod holder to be adjusted independently. Each rod holder has six available positions in a 90-degree area for maximum spread of rod tips, allowing easier, tangle free turns. The concept of the vertical tree mounted as far forward as possible allows full gunwale for the board rods, divers and corner downriggers keeping the transom completely open for netting and re-setting baits. We also have used our vertical tree in situations where space is limited and the top holders were used for boards and the bottom one for the diver rod, ensuring stability during fishing activities. These holders are made of high-quality and rust-resistant materials, providing excellent durability and long-lasting performance. With Vertical Tree Rod Holders, anglers can fish comfortably and efficiently in areas where vertical tree surfaces are abundant.