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Lexan Replacement Planer Reel

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The Lexan Replacement Planer Reel stands out as a premium offering tailored explicitly for anglers and fishing enthusiasts. Crafted under the esteemed Traxstech brand, this reel assures a combination of durability and superior performance. Constructed from Lexan, a robust yet lightweight material, it guarantees a seamless and efficient operation. Specifically engineered as a replacement for planer reels, it excels across diverse water conditions. The Lexan Reel boasts exceptional strength and impressive resistance to corrosion, rendering it an ideal choice for rigorous and heavy-duty usage. Elevate your fishing experience with the effortless reeling facilitated by this top-tier product from Traxstech, ensuring a dependable and effective solution to meet all your fishing demands.

Traxstech's Lexan replacement planer reel is compatible with PR-2000 and PR-3000 models.

Please note: This product listing is solely for the reel.

We also offer aluminum upgrade reels for your consideration.

Key Product Features:

Part: #PR-2000-8 Proudly crafted in the USA

This replacement planer reel embodies the hallmark of excellence associated with Traxstech, promising reliability, efficiency, and American craftsmanship to enhance your fishing pursuits.

Warranty Information

This item is a consumable item and is not covered under any warranty.