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Bimini Top Bracket

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The Traxstech Bimini Top Bracket stands as an indispensable accessory for avid boaters, ensuring steadfast support and resilience for your Bimini top. Crafted to securely anchor your Bimini top, this bracket promises stability and durability, capable of enduring various weather conditions. Its construction from top-tier materials guarantees enduring performance over time. Offering Clear/Silver and Black color options, this bracket not only assures reliability but also adds an attractive touch to your boat.

The standout features of the Bimini Top Bracket include its precision engineering, effortless installation process, and compatibility with most Bimini tops. By adding this dependable and stylish accessory to your boat, you ensure optimal shade and protection while enjoying your time on the water.

Traxstech's Bimini Top Bracket is a compact mounting plate pre-drilled with two-hole patterns, facilitating easy removal and reattachment of your Bimini top bracket to the boat. It enables the mounting of an extended track while accommodating your Bimini top bracket's sliding functionality within our track system. However, it's advisable to verify the compatibility of your specific Bimini bracket design with this mounting plate. Note that a few manufacturer brackets require mounting on one of our longer plates.

Please be aware that these brackets are not compatible with Crestliner boats due to misaligned holes. If you own a Crestliner, please contact us for a specialized plate.

Key features of the Bimini Top Bracket (Part: #LSA-100) include compatibility with two popular styles of bimini brackets, along with the Luhr Jensen speed adapter plate. It comes complete with a thumb screw, facilitating secure attachment to your Traxstech Track system.

The Traxstech Difference

Made in the USA Signature Finish Color Options

Made in the USA

All of our parts are engineered and assembled by hand in Chesaning, Michigan. 

Signature Finish

Signature textured finish adds durability to the solid machined aluminum components, hardens the wear surface, offers a bright non-reflective finish, and is easy to clean.

Two Color Options

Personalize every part of your fishing system—even the color. Choose from our classic clear/silver or go bold with black.