BP / Aluminum Backer Plates

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3-BP, 6-BP, 12-BP, 18-BP, 24-BP
$5.99 - $24.99


Part # BP - BP / Aluminum Backer Plates


Recommended if you are going to use down-riggers or have thin walls on our boat.


This added support is recommended for the 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, and 24-inch mounting tracks.


The longer tracks spread the strength out and a backing plate is usually not necessary.


If you wish to use backing plates with tracks 36 inches and longer we recommend that you use the 3-inch ones.


Q. How many and what size backing plates do I need?

A. If you are installing a 6", 12", 18", 24" or 36" track you need to order just one backing plate in the corresponding size. If you are installing anything over 36" and wish to use a backing plate as well you must order the 3" backing plate - (part # 3-BP). The other size backing plates will not line up properly with the mounting holes on your tracks.


MT-6 uses one 6-BP

MT-12 uses one 12-BP

MT-18 uses one 18-BP

MT-24 uses one 24-BP

MT-36 uses one 36-BP or Five of our 3-BP (recommended)

MT-48 uses five 3-BP of our 3-BP

MT-60 uses seven 3-BP of our 3-BP

MT-72 uses eight 3-BP of our 3-BP


Proudly made in the USA!


Made out of High Quality Durable Aluminum

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