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Downrigger rollers with pins/screws for pulley head.

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Are you in possession of a Traxstech downrigger and require information about replacing parts in the pulley head? Here's some detailed guidance:

Missing Parts Kit: Traxstech offers a replacement kit if your Traxstech downrigger pulley head is missing essential components such as screws, rollers, or pins. This kit includes two threaded roller pins, two small rollers, and four stainless steel screws designed specifically for their downrigger pulley head.

Consumable Parts: Replacement parts are considered consumables and may wear out with regular usage. Depending on how frequently the downrigger is used, it might be necessary to replace these parts annually or more frequently to maintain the downrigger's optimal performance.

Part Identification: If you require the pin for the large roller on your downrigger, look up Part #: VECTOR-PINS.

Origin: Traxstech proudly manufactures its products in the USA, emphasizing their commitment to domestic manufacturing.

For precise information regarding compatibility, availability, and the specific parts required for your Traxstech downrigger model, it's advisable to consult Traxstech's product catalog, or contact their customer service or support team for assistance. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information and guidance concerning replacement parts for your downrigger's pulley head.