Downrigger Elite Series - 400' of cable

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$1,599.00 - $1,758.90


Traxstech's Downrigger Elite Series has 400' of cable, an aluminum 3 swivel base with 12 positions positive lock, and plenty of other features.

Downrigger Elite Series Features:

  • Part: #DRES-400
  • All aluminum frame components.
  • Dual 360-degree rotating rod holders with 5 positions up and down.
  • Lift & lock solid aluminum 3 boom with optional lengths available.
  • Dual roller pulley assembly on the boom.
  • All aluminum reel spool with 400 of 316 stainless-steel cable.
  • Liquid smooth drag system with aluminum tension knob and retainer clip on the drive shaft to ensure drag system components remain intact.
  • Lighted LCD display screen with large characters for easy viewing. Electronic counter system for superior accuracy.
  • Soft stop included in the electronic auto stop up and down feature.
  • Exact depth control using the lighted military grade 16 character keypad.
  • Customer programmable jig function.
  • Depth memory feature.
  • Tested with: 12# weight retrieved 265 Feet per minute, 14# weight retrieved 240 Feet per minute, 20# weight retrieved 200 Feet per minute
  • Comes with one of our DRC-1 / Traxstech Electric Downrigger Cover

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What size fuse does the Traxstech Downrigger use?

A. It is a 30 amp fuse. Maxi fuse holders and Maxi fuses are recommended for the in-line fuse used on the positive (white) wire lead. A 30 AMP circuit breaker could also be used in place of the inline fuse if you have a good place with easy access to mount it to.

Q. How should I wire my Traxstech Downrigger? Should I run lines for each rigger separately with inline fuses near battery then circuit breakers near the riggers itself?

A. Each rigger should have its own wiring with inline fuses. It is not required to have both fuses and a circuit breaker.

Q. I have 2 Traxstech Downriggers. Can I run one set of wires for both riggers?

A. No, Do not run multiple riggers from the same set of wires. Each down-rigger should have it's own set of wires.

Q. What gauge wire should I use to install my Traxstech Downrigger?

A. 10/2 wiring is needed if the leads are 15 feet or less in length for a single down-rigger. If you are wiring for multiple riggers going to an actual fuse/circuit panel, then we recommend 4 or 6 gauge wire as the main feed to the panel in the back of the boat. Then use 10 gauge wire from the panel to each rigger.

Q. What brand of plug do you recommend for the Traxstech Downrigger?

A. We recommend using Marineco (70 AMP) 3 wire charging/trolling system plug. They are sold on Amazon.

  • 70A continuous rating
  • Universal design for 2 or 3-wire configuration 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V or 48V systems
  • Corrosion resistant plated brass electrical components
  • Receptacle contains a watertight sealing cap
  • Plug contains Integrated strain relief and keyed design with thumbprint locator

Q. How much line comes on my Traxstech Downrigger?

A. We include 400 feet of line on each of our Traxstech Downriggers.

Q. What pound test is the line on my Traxstech Downrigger?

A. It is 150# test line installed on our Traxstech Downriggers.

Q. I lost the cover for my Traxstech Downrigger, do you sell replacements?

A. Yes, we do. Buy a new Traxstech Electric Downrigger Cover here.

Proudly made in the USA!

All of our Traxstech products are made in Chesaning, Michigan

Has our signature textured finish:

  • Adds durability to the aluminum components, hardens your wear surface, no bright reflection, easy to clean.
  • Every aluminum part is anodized after our texturing process to provide the highest quality available.
  • Salt spray tested and proven.