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Rod Holder Keeper Caps with Strap

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Introducing the latest addition to the Rod Holder Accessories category by Traxstech - the Rod Holder Keeper Caps with Strap. These innovative caps are designed to keep your rods secure and prevent damage during transport or storage. Made with high-quality materials, these caps ensure the protection of your valuable fishing gear. The included strap adds an extra layer of security, making sure your rods stay in place even in rough conditions. With their durable construction and convenient design, these Traxstech Keeper Caps with Strap are a must-have for any angler looking to keep their rods safe and organized.

Molded with our hole and hook design, our Rod Holder Keeper Caps with Straps are super durable. The keeper strap threads through the opposite hole in the cap facing you. When threaded completely through, the different diameter ball prevents the strap from falling out. Now the strap is ready to be placed over your reel and back to the front hook on the cap. Securely tuck down under the hook and up. This keeps your rod and reel secure to the rod holder.

Installation tip

These caps need to be pressed or tapped on your rod holder tube with a rubber mallet.

Product Features

  • Includes two (2) rod holder caps
  • The harder you pull on the strap, the tighter the cap clamps on the tube.
  • Made from the most durable material to withstand
    the elements.
  • Fits rod holders using a 2” diameter tube x 1/8” wall.
  • Proudly made in the USA!