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Small Pulleys (2 Pack)

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Introducing the Traxstech Small Pulleys (2 Pack), the perfect solution for your pulley needs. Manufactured by the renowned Traxstech brand, these small pulleys are designed to offer exceptional performance and durability. With a pack containing two pulleys, you'll have everything you need to tackle various tasks. The small size of these pulleys allows for easy installation and usage in tight spaces. Crafted using high-quality materials, these pulleys offer smooth and efficient operation. Whether you're working on a new boat installation project or need a replacement for your existing pulleys, the Traxstech Small Pulleys (2 Pack) will exceed your expectations.

Made of strong Lexan material, our pulleys come with a stainless-steel swivel and center axle.

Product Features:

  • Replaces existing pulleys.
  • Used to add a pulley up front for assisting the planer board tow line.
  • Compact, yet strong design.
  • Retrieves downrigger weight when attached on
    the cable.