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Swivel Mount

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Traxstech's Swivel Mount stands out as the ultimate fishing accessory designed for enhanced versatility and ease. This mount enables effortless adjustments to the angle and direction of your fishing gear, ensuring optimal convenience. Its robust construction ensures durability and dependability throughout its use.

With three available swivel base heights of 3, 4.5, or 6 inches, you can select the ideal height to suit your specific requirements. Offered in Clear/Silver or Black finishes, this mount seamlessly complements any boat or fishing equipment, blending in effortlessly.

Traxstech's Swivel Mounts deliver unparalleled flexibility and control to your fishing setup.

Traxstech's swivel mounts are meticulously designed to allow strategic positioning of downriggers and various fishing gear within our track system. These swivel pedestals are compatible with a wide array of downrigger brands, including Vector, Cannon, Fishlander, Big Jon, Scotty, Penn, and Walker.

Featuring pre-drilled and tapped aluminum top plates, our swivel bases facilitate straightforward mounting of your downrigger equipment. When it's time to remove your fishing gear, a simple loosening of the thumb screws allows for easy sliding out of the track, leaving your boat with a clean and tidy appearance.


Traxstech Downrigger Swivel Mount Features

Features of the Downrigger Swivel Mount by Traxstech:

  1. Compatibility with downrigger bases from various manufacturers, seamlessly integrating into Traxstech's track system.
  2. Incorporates a 3/8" diameter stainless steel plunger for secure locking strength, offering 12 available positions to swivel at intervals of 30 degrees.
  3. Boasts the smoothest swivel functionality among available options.
  4. Offered in three height options:
    • 3 inches (#SB-3)
    • 4.5 inches (#SB-4.5)
    • 6 inches (#SB-6).
  5. Constructed with durable aluminum and features stainless steel components for enhanced longevity.
  6. Universal mounting hole patterns for easy installation.
  7. Utilizes a bearing system to ensure a smooth swiveling action.
  8. Equipped with user-friendly star-shaped thumbscrews for effortless adjustments.
  9. Provides 12 locking positions at 30-degree intervals for precise positioning.
  10. Features an indestructible riser design for robustness and reliability.
  11. Enables users to capitalize on the adaptability and versatility offered by the Traxstech fishing system.

Traxstech Downrigger Swivel Mount Features Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size bolts or screws are used on Traxstech's downrigger swivel mount bases? Are the platforms predrilled with holes? i.e. PM-3 or SB-3

A. Traxstech's downrigger swivel mount bases have holes that are thread-formed for durability and strength. During assembly, a screwdriver is required. The thread size for these holes is ¼-20. As for the platforms like PM-3 or SB-3, they come pre-drilled with these threaded holes, allowing for convenient installation using screws or bolts of the specified size.

Q. What downrigger brands are compatible with the Traxstech swivel bases?

A. Traxstech's swivel bases are designed to be compatible with various downrigger brands, including Vector, Cannon, Fishlander, Big Jon, Scotty, Penn, and Walker. This compatibility allows for seamless integration and easy mounting of these downrigger models onto Traxstech's swivel bases, providing anglers with versatility and flexibility in their fishing setups.


The Traxstech Difference

Made in the USA Signature Finish Color Options

Made in the USA

All of our parts are engineered and assembled by hand in Chesaning, Michigan. 

Signature Finish

Signature textured finish adds durability to the solid machined aluminum components, hardens the wear surface, offers a bright non-reflective finish, and is easy to clean.

Two Color Options

Personalize every part of your fishing system—even the color. Choose from our classic clear/silver or go bold with black. 

    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Eric on Feb 24th 2023


    Swivel Mount

    The BSB-3 swivel mount arrived today. I'm pleased with it. The fabrication is first class. The swivel action it clicks into place with the precision of a bolt action rifle. Fits the Traxs track perfectly. Black finish is impressive. Would buy again in an instant. Using with Cannon Optimum.