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Transducer Pole Mount

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The Transducer Pole Mount by Traxstech is a highly versatile and essential accessory for any fishing enthusiast. Designed to securely hold transducers, this pole mount is perfect for mounting on boats or other structures. It is available in two color options - Clear/Silver and Black, allowing you to choose the one that matches your preference. The mount comes in various base types including Plate to Slide in Track, Alumacraft Boat Bracket, 45 Degree T-Bolt Bracket, 50 Degree T-Bolt Bracket, 58 Degree T-Bolt Bracket, 90 Degree T-Bolt Bracket, 90 Degree T-Bolt Bracket for Tracker Boats, Small Rail Clamps, and Large Rail Clamps, ensuring compatibility with different specifications. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, the Transducer Pole Mount is the perfect choice for anglers in need of a reliable transducer mounting solution.

Traxstech's Transducer Pole Mount is a versatile, multi-season system that can even be used during ice fishing season in your shanty. Add a 6" section of track to the wall of the shanty or mount it on the floor over the ice hole. Our transducer pole mount works with all brands of transducers, including Livescope, and can be used on a boat while structure fishing or trolling. Simply slide it into a piece of our mounting track and you're ready to go.

Transducer Installation
The mounting bracket on the bottom of the transducer pole is different per brand. Some brands clamp on, while others mount on one side and drill two holes in the side of our tube to mount the bracket to hold the transducer. Some brackets fit centered up on the tube/pole and get a hole drilled on each side.
Our transducer mount includes:
  • One Transducer Collar
  • One Five Foot Transducer Pole with Handle
    • Outer diameter (OD) 1.500" (1-1/2")
    • Inner diameter (ID) 1.250" (1-1/4")
  • Adjustable Arm

How it works:

The adjustable arm on our transducer pole mount slides into our track system and tightens in place allowing you to index the arm into multiple different directions. Our kit comes with a 5' aluminum pole that your transducer mounts to on the end. The transducer pole has a collar system that tightens up to the pole and can be adjusted up and down to the depth you need in the water. It then sets into the arm yolk and the collar locks into place with a dovetail system that slides in and locks it into place while you are trolling or moving. We have a handle on the top of the pole that allows you to turn and adjust the transducer as needed. The handle also keeps the transducer perfectly lined up so you will know what direction the transducer is always pointing. We sell a replacement plunger assembly found on the side and in a trolling application, it allows you to turn and adjust and there are holes in the collar assembly that will allow you to lock it into place if need be. Our transducer mount will work with any transducer including LiveScope. This setup allows you to use it on your boat in the spring, summer, and fall and in the winter use it on your ice shanty for year-round functionality of your transducer. It also allows you to take your transducer from boat to boat, or on vacation with you as well.

Transducer Pole Mount Replacement Parts

Did you damage or lose the pole for your transducer mount? Traxstech sells replacement parts.

The Traxstech Difference

Made in the USASignature FinishColor Options

Made in the USA

All of our parts are engineered and assembled by hand in Chesaning, Michigan. 

Signature Finish

Signature textured finish adds durability to the solid machined aluminum components, hardens the wear surface, offers a bright non-reflective finish, and is easy to clean.

Two Color Options

Personalize every part of your fishing system—even the color. Choose from our classic clear/silver or go bold with black. 


    2 Reviews

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    Works great

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    Pole mount tm1000

    Best on the market. Hands down!!!