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Elevate Your Fishing Experience with Traxstech Vertical Rod Trees

Elevate Your Fishing Experience with Traxstech Vertical Rod Trees

Published by Dawn on Jan 22nd 2024

When it comes to fishing, having the right equipment can make all the difference in the world. One essential tool for anglers looking to optimize their fishing experience is the Traxstech Vertical Rod Tree. Available in three variants - VBT-2, VBT-3, and VBT-4, these vertical rod trees are designed to enhance your fishing setup with precision and versatility.

Variants and Features:

  1. VBT-2: The VBT-2 is equipped with two VBT-10 rod holders, providing ample space for your fishing rods. This variant is ideal for anglers who prefer a compact setup or have limited space on their boat.
  2. VBT-3: For those seeking a bit more capacity, the VBT-3 is the perfect choice. With three VBT-10 rod holders, this vertical rod tree offers versatility and convenience, allowing you to handle multiple rods simultaneously.
  3. VBT-4: The VBT-4 takes it a step further with four VBT-10 rod holders. This variant is ideal for anglers who want to maximize their fishing potential by having a comprehensive setup that can handle various fishing scenarios.

Color Options: Traxstech understands that personalizing your fishing gear is important. That's why the Vertical Rod Trees come in two sleek color options – silver and black. Whether you prefer a classic look or want something more modern, Traxstech has you covered.

Optional Accessories: To further customize your Vertical Rod Tree, Traxstech offers a range of optional accessories:

  • VBT-10 Rod Holder: Add extra rod holders to accommodate more fishing rods and increase your chances of success.
  • BH-100V Beverage Holder: Stay refreshed during your fishing expedition with this convenient beverage holder.
  • TH-100V Tool Holder: Keep your essential fishing tools within arm's reach with the TH-100V Tool Holder.
  • Planer Board Caddy (PBC Series): Enhance your setup by adding a Planer Board Caddy. Choose from the PBC-250, PBC-350, or PBC-450, each designed to fit most brands of both Walleye and Salmon boards. These caddies provide organized storage, making it easy to manage your planer boards.

Conclusion: Traxstech Vertical Rod Trees offer a perfect blend of functionality and customization for anglers who demand the best from their fishing equipment. Whether you choose the VBT-2, VBT-3, or VBT-4, along with optional accessories, you're investing in a superior fishing experience. Elevate your fishing game with Traxstech – where precision meets innovation.

To explore the full range of Traxstech Vertical Rod Trees and accessories, visit Traxstech's VBT Page and order yours now!