Gunwale Clamps for Alumacraft Brand Boats

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The Gunwale Clamps for Alumacraft Brand Boats by Traxstech offer a reliable and secure solution for track mounting methods. These clamps are specially designed to fit Alumacraft Brand Boats, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum stability. With their durable construction, they can easily withstand the rigors of marine environments. These clamps come in two attractive colors - Clear/Silver and Black - allowing you to match them seamlessly with your boat's aesthetics. The Gunwale Clamps are easy to install and offer a unique selling point in terms of their versatility and compatibility. Upgrade your boat's track system with these high-quality Gunwale Clamps.

Traxstech’s Gunwale Clamps for Alumacraft® Brand Boats are exclusively designed to work with the Alumatrac® track system. These heavy duty 2-3/8” wide clamps clamp onto the Alumatrac system of Alumacraft brand boats allowing our track to mount on the top plate. Using multiple clamps provides the necessary strength for big water fishing from the gunwale.

Clamp Features

  • Part: #ACB-250
  • This bracket will fit in Alumacraft's Alumatrac gunwale system.
  • These gunwale clamps allow for the installation of Traxstech's mounting track.
  • Sold with 2 brackets per pack.
  • These clamps will only work in the Alumatrac gunwale system of Alumacraft boats.

Please review our frequently asked questions below to see how many brackets you need.

This bracket is also used to mount to the bottom of any Traxstech rod holder (as long as the plate for sliding into our tracks is removed), making our Traxstech rod holders attachable to the Alumacraft track system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Gunwale clamps do I need per track?

A. You will need one bracket per set of mounting holes. Use the following chart to determine how many Alumatrac Clamps you will need:

Mounting TrackGunwale Clamps Needed
6” (MT-6 or BMT-6)2 Clamps/1 Set
12” (MT-12 or BMT-12)2 Clamps/1 Set
18” (MT-18 or BMT-18)2 Clamps/1 Set
24” (MT-24 or BMT-24)2 Clamps/1 Set or 4 Clamps/2 sets if installing a downrigger
36” (MT-36 or BMT-36)3 Clamps/2 Sets
48” (MT-48 or BMT-48)3 Clamps/2 Sets
60” (MT-60 or BMT-60)5 Clamps/3 Sets
72” (MT-72 or BMT-72)6 Clamps/3 Sets

Q. What other products do you make for Alumacraft boats?

A. The following items are compatible with Alumacraft boats:

  • Bracket Adapter (Part: #ACB-400): This is for using other brand rod holders on your Alumacraft boat. This bracket is compatible with Scotty, Cabelas and Folbe deck mount rod holders and the S-17 model Downeast Salty rod holder. Sold as a Single Pack.
  • Single Rod Holder on Alumacraft Bracket Adapter (Part: #RH1-ACB): Traxstech's #RH1 Rod Holder is one of our most adjustable rod holders. It is a single lift & turn rod holder that comes attached to a bracket adapter. This super duty rod holder offers maximum positioning of your fishing rod by lifting and rotating every 18 degrees/20 positions. It also offers one-handed adjust-ability by pulling the tube sideways and then moving it to the next set of teeth and releasing for full engagement and strength of all 20 teeth machined in the side of this holder. There are 6 positions from 0 degrees to 90 degrees and one position past 90 degrees to get the rod tip to the water if desired. We have machined a center hub to prevent lifting when used with Dipsy Divers® on the bottom and side sections. This is an aluminum machined rod holder you will not be disappointed with its strength and flexibility.

Q. Can I mount my rod holder directly to the Gunwale Clamps for Alumacraft boats?

A. No, these clamps are for mounting tracks only. If you need a bracket to mount your rod holders, you will need our Alumacraft Rod Holder Adapter (Part: #ACB-400.)

Additional Details

Made in the USASignature FinishColor Options

Made in the USA

All of our parts are engineered and assembled by hand in Chesaning, Michigan. 

Signature Finish

Signature textured finish adds durability to the solid machined aluminum components, hardens the wear surface, offers a bright non-reflective finish, and is easy to clean.

Two Color Options

Personalize every part of your fishing system—even the color. Choose from our classic clear/silver or go bold with black. 

    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Robert on Feb 29th 2024


    They are excellent.

    Solid as can be.

  • Posted by Robert on Dec 25th 2023


    Alumacraft clamps

    Very sturdy and perfectly solid set up with the tracks.

  • Posted by Jason Bonk on Feb 3rd 2022


    Great Quality

    These are very well built and fit the Alumacraft rail perfectly, nice work Traxstech.