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Narrow Gunwale Clamp

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Our Traxstech Part# LNC-102 Aluminum Narrow Gunwale Clamp is specifically designed for use on boats resembling Lowe models, featuring a narrow 2 1/4” wide x 1” tall gunwale. Upon installation, these clamps effectively distribute the weight and stress of your setup across the entire gunwale without necessitating drilling holes, ensuring the full utilization of your boat's space. Each package contains two clamps.

Please note that for proper fitting, your gunwale must precisely measure 2 1/4" wide x 1" tall and feature a lip on both sides for the LNC-102 to grip onto. These clamps are compatible only with boats having a 2 1/4" gunwale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Narrow Gunwale Clamps are required per track?

    • The number of clamps needed per set of mounting holes varies based on the size of the track you intend to mount. Here's a breakdown to help determine the quantity required:

Mounting Track Narrow Gunwale Clamps Needed
6” (MT-6 or BMT-6) 2 Clamps/1 Set
12” (MT-12 or BMT-12) 3 Clamps/2 Sets
18” (MT-18 or BMT-18) 3 Clamps/2 Sets
24” (MT-24 or BMT-24) 4 Clamps/2 Sets
36” (MT-36 or BMT-36) 5 Clamps/3 Sets
48” (MT-48 or BMT-48) 5 Clamps/3 Sets
60” (MT-60 or BMT-60) 7 Clamps/4 Sets
72” (MT-72 or BMT-72) 8 Clamps/4 Sets
  • How do the Narrow Gunwale Clamps attach to my boat?
    • These clamps feature an allen wrench screw and two metal dowel pins that protrude. Align the two pieces with your Lowe boat's 2 1/4" gunwale, match the holes, tighten the allen wrench screw securely, and then mount our Traxstech tracks atop the clamps.
  • What color options are available for the Narrow Gunwale Clamps?
    • The Narrow Gunwale Clamps are available in both clear/silver and black finishes.

Feel free to explore our Boat Layout page for inspiration and ideas on creating optimal fishing system setups tailored for Lowe boats.

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Made in the USA

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  • Posted by Nick on Mar 19th 2024


    Good product

    Clamps worked great to fit trax to my small gunnel on my boat.