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Pulley Retriever Kit

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The Traxstech Pulley Retriever Kit, RS-900-2, emerges as an essential companion for passionate anglers, meticulously crafted by the esteemed brand, Traxstech. Tailored to elevate your fishing escapades, this kit comprises a top-tier pulley retriever that effortlessly retrieves obstinate pulleys, ensuring the safety of your equipment. The RS-900-2 isn't just a mere accessory; it's a fundamental asset for fishermen seeking enhanced efficiency and ease while navigating the waters, allowing them to concentrate wholeheartedly on their pursuit of reeling in the big catch. Count on Traxstech's unwavering dedication to producing superior-grade products that cater to the diverse needs of fishing aficionados worldwide.

Traxstech's Pulley Retriever Kit offers a seamless solution for managing weight distribution without the need to lean out precariously over the gunwale.

Key features of the product include:

  • Effortlessly pulls substantial downrigger weights closer for efficient rigging releases.
  • Ideal for compatibility with large tow-style planer boards.
  • Crafted with a robust molded pulley that ensures the cable or line rolls smoothly without abrasion during retrieval.
  • Constructed with stainless steel swivel, screws, and axle for durability.
  • The cleat can be directly mounted on our Adapter Plate (Part: #A-450) and utilized within our track system for added adjustability.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA!

The kit encompasses one pulley, one cleat, and approximately 15 feet of coil rope, offering anglers a comprehensive solution for their fishing requirements.

Warranty Information

This item is a consumable item and is not covered under any warranty.