LNC-102 / Low Narrow Clamp - for 2-1/4 x 1" gunnels on boats

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LNC-102, BLNC-102
$39.99 - $43.99


Part # LNC-102 - Lowe Narrow Clamp


This aluminum made clamp is used in conjunction with our mounting track and the boats with narrow 2" gunwale.

Once attached this will distribute the weight and stress over your entire gunwale so you can enjoy the full use of your boat.

These clamps are meant for the narrow gunnels on Lowe like boats.

This allows you to mount our Traxstech Tracks to your Lowe like boat gunnel, without having to drill holes in the gunnel.


**For it to fit your Lowe gunnel, your gunnel must be 2" and must have the lip on both sides for the LNC-102 to grip to.**


** These are for the boats with 2" gunnels only **


*Sold 2 clamps per package*

Q. How many LNC-102 Narrow clamps do I need per track?

A. You will need one clamp per set of mounting holes.


Depending on what size of a track you are trying to mount using our narrow clamps will determine how many sets you will need to purchase. The following information will make it easy for you to determine how many narrow clamps you will need:

  • MT-6 ( 6-inch mounting track ) requires 2 brackets / 1 set of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-12 ( 12-inch mounting track ) requires 3 brackets / 2 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-18 ( 18-inch mounting track ) requires 3 brackets / 2 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-24 ( 24-inch mounting track ) requires 4 brackets / 2 sets LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-36 ( 36-inch mounting track ) requires 5 brackets / 3 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-48 (48-inch mounting track ) requires 5 brackets / 3 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-60 (60-inch mounting track ) requires 7 brackets / 4 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps
  • MT-72 (72-inch mounting track ) requires 8 brackets / 4 sets of LNC-102 / narrow clamps


Q. How do the LNC-102 Narrow clamps hook on to my boat?

A. There is an allen wrench screw and 2 metal dowel pins that stick out. Take the 2 pieces to your Lowe boat 2" gunnel and match up the holes and screw in the allen wrench screw until tight and then mount our Traxstech tracks on top.


Q. What colors do the LNC-102 Narrow clamps come in?

A. They come in our clear/silver finish and our black finish.


Proudly made in the USA!

All of our Traxstech products are made in the shop in Chesaning, Michigan USA!

  • Every aluminum part is anodized to provide the highest quality available.
  • Salt spray tested and proven


Comes in 2 color options:

  • Clear / Silver
  • Black

Sold 2 clamps per package


Make sure to check out our Traxstech Boat Layout page for Lowe Boats, for great ideas on boat layouts.

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